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Age: 45 Steve by day is a Systems Engineer for Verizon. He is married to Christine and they have one daughter.

Favorite bands : Journey, Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, ELO, The Beatles, Asia, Zebra and others.

Bio :

Steve began playing the guitar when he was 8. He also played sax and drums. He grew up in Oceanside, LI.

After years of doing originals with such bands as Arrival and Front Page, Steve decided to do something "totally for fun." Joining a Journey Tribute band was just the project. Steve has been playing Bass for many years now. His main influences are Ross Valory, Paul McCartney, Duff McKagan, Roger Waters and John Wetton.

Steve uses Hohner, B.C. Rich and Fender guitars and GK Amplification

Click the songs below to hear Steve doing some vocal work.

If I needed Someone - Beatles

Brandy - Looking Glass

Magnet and Steel - Walter Egan

I'd Really Like to See You Tonight - England Dan and John Ford Coley

Need Her Love - Electric Light Orchestra

Steve with his first kit in 1979

The Condition
Steve with his first original band 'The Condition' in 1983, with Mike Roth, and Sean O'Donnell. (Yes that is my parents garage!!)

Silver Hammer 1982

Steve in the Beatles Tribute 'Silver Hammer' in 1982

Silver Hammer 1982

Steve with Corey Levitan


Steve really did like Journey in 1984

At Oceanside HS in a 1984 talent show.


Steve Playing the drums with 'Hyjinx' in 1985, with Kevin McGrath, George Shields, and Tony Souras.

At NYIT 1985

Same Night at NYIT

Grab from Arrival's video "You Saved" early 1993

Another Grab from the Video

And another...this was shot at 7th and 21st in NYC

Arrival 1993

Steve in his original band 'Arrival' in 1993


WOW look at that natural blonde hair and that suit and tie, I should have joined a Cheap Trick Tribute.(1989)

Front Page

Steve in his last original band 'Front Page' in 1995



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